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Love Cambodia embarked on a program in 2011 of building and operating kindergartens in remote villages to enable children to have easy and affordable access to early childhood education. To date, we have built a total of 9 kindergartens and these kindergartens are also function as community centers during off-school seasons. Now, the kindergartens need upgrading, repairs and refurbishments.



Love Cambodia recently distributed food packages to over 120 distressed families in Kampongleav Commune that have been impacted by the loss of employment income due to the Covid pandemic.  Each package comprised rice and other essential food items. We have done three rounds of distribution and are hopeful that donors will come forward to sponsor this project.



The idea of building a hostel was borne out of a need to provide affordable lodging for village students who wanted to study in the Prey Veng’s high school, which provides a higher quality of education than the schools in the villages.  


Villagers are also aware that education is one of the key ways to escape their life of subsistence farming and provide a brighter future for the next generation. 



Parents in the Prey Kampeng village became wary of sending their children to school, following two motor accidents involving children who were on their way to school. Some of the children also stopped attending school as they were afraid of getting injured in motor accidents.


The village chief and Community Based Organisers rallied the families of Prey Kampeng to build a primary school in their Prey Kampeng village so that the children would not have to travel too far and reduce the chances of accidents.



In July 2020, Love Cambodia rolled out an urgent initiative to assist families in Prey Veng impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic, to ensure that poor and needy families which had lost their income have sufficient food during the pandemic. Selected families were provided with USD60 worth of vegetable seeds and fish fry to enable them to grow vegetables and rear fish. Love Cambodia also provided the required skills and guidance to them maximise yields and ensure a steady supply of produce.  More than 60 families benefitted from this project, which was funded by donations from our partners in Singapore.

Cow Banks.


The Cow Bank is a simple concept. Villagers who are unable to deal in cash through lack of education or understanding receive a cow. The family is responsible for taking care of it and mating it with another cow. In the meantime, the cow provides labour and manure to improve subsistence farming productivity.

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Pot Sothey is 30 years old and looks like any other Cambodian villager. She sports a cheerful disposition and has a young child scampering around her while she talks to the other women villagers outside her house. It is a typical stilted Khmer structure that looks no different from the others when it is set against the late afternoon sun. Her house sits on the edge of the village and looks out to the vast brown silted plains that have yet to swell with floodwater.



Phumi 8

Kampong Leuv Commune

Prey Veng Provincial Town

Prey Veng Province


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