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Each year, more than 100 volunteers from all over the world dedicate their time to Love Cambodia. 


For example, students from National University of Singapore’s Eusoff Hall travel to Prey Veng every year to work on various projects such as sanitation, water storage and food distribution.


We welcome volunteers, church and student groups to sponsor and participate in community development work such as water and sanitation projects, education, health, agricultural and spiritual training. 


Volunteering opportunities can be customised according to volunteers’ capabilities and resources. 


Please contact Mr Ieng Pheareak at, for more information.


Students and those from various school alumni form the strength and backbone of Love Cambodia’s volunteers, contributing to most our work in Prey Veng. 

Every year, around 100 students from at least six regular student or alumni groups volunteer, some of whom have been working with Love Cambodia even before we were registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

These teams not only contribute time and effort to work on various projects such as sanitation, water storage and food distribution, but finances. They also actively raise funds to build kindergartens and classrooms.


If you wish to find out more about how you can support us financially, please contact:

Mr Ieng Pheareak

Executive Director, Love Cambodia

(+855) 1292 4245 

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