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Recognising the importance of inculcating education in the mindset of local villagers, Love Cambodia embarked on a program in 2011 of building and operating kindergartens in remote villages to enable children to have easy and affordable access to early childhood education.  

So far, we have built a total of 9 kindergartens, in Prey Komeng, Sdov, Prey Kla. Chan, Sangkerchrum, Prey Angkung, Sleng, Ponley and Banteay. These kindergartens also function as community centers during off-school seasons.

With every kindergartens built, we provide safe and easy access to early childhood education within the villages and we see a significant reductions in drop out rates at schools.


Built as basic structures, these kindergartens were upgraded with washing areas and filters over the COVID 19 pandemic to ensure children have access to clean water. Over the years, the kindergartens need upgrading, repairs and refurbishments. 


Needs include:

  • Upgrading and building of new toilets

  • New playgrounds

  • Repairs to roofs, floor tiles and building structures

  • New fences and walls

  • New tables, chairs, fans

  • New classroom materials


You can help by donating directly to Love Cambodia. Or you can chose and adopt a kindergarten. Help spread the news and hit the amount required by that specific kindergarten in that village. See the needs and amount in the table below.

You can also consider contributing to our annual kindergarten operations budget. In 2022, we need USD17,550.00 to operate our nine kindergartens. Monies go towards:

  • Salaries for teachers 

  • Teaching and children material

  • Christmas / Easter celebrations

  • Training and running maintenance of buildings 

Repair and Cost Table.png


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